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What's in a name? Butterflye was named for the Butterfly Effect (thus the bonus e). We were founded with the mission of eliminating unknown consequences, and the best way to achieve that goal is through better customer communication and feedback.

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Our Story

Monday after Monday, James would arrive at work and immediately dive into the world of incident response. What went wrong? Who is affected? How did it happen? Beyond being tedious, he knew what it was costing his employer in terms of lost productivity and customer trust. He continued to dwell on how preventable many of those incidents were and was curious how many others out there where experiencing the same issue(s). The missing piece, he realized, was the awareness that comes from seamless customer communication and feedback.

He set out to build a demo product that opened a priority channel to customers, ensuring that the most important messages, be they changelog messages or otherwise, would never be missed. At the same time, he introduced functionality that opened the feedback loop, enabling readers to comment and vote on things. With this demo product, he was able to convince his friend and collaborator, Tony to sign on. Not long after, he met Terry and pitched the company.

This team of co-founders quickly became a tight-knit group of collaborators, supported by a small but stalwart group of brilliant people.

James Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Tony Macias
Chief Finance Officer
Terry Cabeen
Chief Technology Officer
Akshay Gupta
Lead AI Developer
Nitasha Walia
Aleš Gabrovec

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