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“All relationships require TRUST & COMMUNICATION. Butterflye manages the changes that matter for you and your customers.”

The company

At Butterflye, our founding team believes in creating better paths for business communication.  We have first hand experienced the frustrations caused by a lack of transparency and visibility. We've all worked at companies that had  dedicated teams for managing and communicating changes.. However, we often found ourselves dealing with unexpected fire drills and issues stemming from customer expectations vs what was delivered, When internal and external customers asked, "Why wasn't I told about this?" the answer was usually, "I don't know." It was clear that we needed to solve this problem. Our mission at Butterflye is to revolutionize business communication by breaking down barriers, fostering trust, and promoting transparency with our customers and your customers. We are dedicated to ensuring both product and communication success by providing a platform that eliminates the frustrating question of "Why wasn't I told about this?”,  fostering an environment to grow your customer base, reduce churn and build lasting relationships. Butterflye is a customizable platform designed to cater to a wide range of organizations, from startups to established enterprises. We believe that effective communication is the key to building strong relationships with customers and achieving business success.

As we strive to revolutionize business communication, our focus remains on building integrity, trust, and transparency for our customers and community. We foster an inclusive and transparent culture that encourages the exploration of all ideas, ensuring that customer happiness is at the core of everything we do.

4 pillars of butterflye


Capture the business problems of today and provide solutions for tomorrow.


Positively impact our families, customers and community.


Collaborate with the most innovative thinkers in the tech world.


Communicate to build integrity, trust and transparency.

Core team

James Martin - Co-Founder and CEO

James Martin

CoFounder and CEO

James has 12 years of experience in the SaaS industry, having worked at both Kollective and Zoom, the latter of which resulted in an IPO exit.As Zoom’s first technical hire outside of North America, James has built and led pre-sales teams in EMEA and North America. He also started and headed up the Distinguished Architecture team. James has a background in support and infrastructure. He has successfully broken into and sold to many large institutions in EMEA, North America, and APAC, and holds multiple patents.

Tony Macias - CoFounder & CFO/COO

Tony Macias

CoFounder & CFO/COO

Tony's operational experience spans over a decade, with a focus on financial planning, sales execution, and post-sales customer experience enhancement.  Tony helps set the strategic vision of Butterflye with an emphasis on positive company culture and high business ethics.

Akshay Gupta - Senior Developer

Akshay Gupta

Senior Developer

Akshay is a software engineer who recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer science and engineering. Having worked at large organizations such as the Chamberlain Group and Amazon, he’s excited for the opportunity to channel his experiences into making an impact at Butterflye. Specifically, he looks forward to leveraging his competence in Artificial Intelligence to build Butterflye Solution’s AI roadmap.


Abhishek Balaji - Advisor

Abhishek Balaji


Ales Gabrovec - Advisor

Ales Gabrovec


Sara Larson - Marketing

Sara Larson


Nitasha Walia - Advisor

Nitasha Walia



DaFUND - Pre-Seed Investment


Pre-Seed Investment

d.labs - Product Development Partner & Investor


Product Development Partner & Investor

Dan Creigh - Angel Investor

Dan Creigh

Angel Investor

James Palmer - Angel Investor

James Palmer

Angel Investor

Jack Kelly - Angel Investor

Jack Kelly

Angel Investor

Liz Lally - Angel Investor

Liz Lally

Angel Investor

Molly McCombe - Angel Investor

Molly McCombe

Angel Investor

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