Butterflye Product Features
Streamline Your Product Engagement Effortlessly

Unlock the potential of your product management process with Butterflye's comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify and enhance communication.

Feature Section: Unlock the Power of Customer Feedback


Automatically transform complex technical updates into clear, concise release notes, FAQs, and other essential documentation at the click of a button. Say goodbye to manual documentation processes and ensure consistency and accuracy across all your communications.


Tailor your messages to specific stakeholder groups, converting technical jargon into easy-to-understand content for developers, marketers, executives, and end users. Ensure every team member receives relevant and actionable information, enhancing clarity and engagement.

Chrome Extension for Data Capture

Effortlessly capture data from any site using Butterflye's Chrome extension. Input the captured data directly into Butterflye to help create comprehensive and accurate documentation, streamlining your workflow and ensuring no detail is missed.

And That's Not All!

Automated Distribution

Leverage automation to send the right information to the right personas at the right time, improving engagement and understanding across your product ecosystem.

Real-Time Updates

Keep your stakeholders in the loop with instant notifications and updates. Push communications to brandable channels and widgets, and deliver content directly to platforms where users already spend their time, such as Slack, Teams, and Zoom chat.

Feedback Integration

Capture and integrate feedback seamlessly, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation based on real user insights.

Additional Channels

Gain valuable insights into your communication effectiveness with detailed analytics and reporting features.

Website Integration

Butterflye offers a range of features and benefits to enhance your messaging experience. With our website integration, you can easily display your news feed on your own site or app using our embedded widget. Customize the settings to fit your brand and ensure that your users never miss important updates.

Customized Settings

Stay connected with your audience by utilizing Butterflye's announcement and engagement platform. Keep them informed and engaged with the latest news and updates. Sign up today to start enhancing your messaging.

Seamless Integrations and Custom Settings

Butterflye integrates effortlessly with your existing tools and platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow without disruption. Customize settings to fit your unique needs, making Butterflye an extension of your work environment rather than an additional hurdle.