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News Feed, Roadmaps, Voice of the Customer, and more...
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An illustration of a laptop displaying a web page. On the right third of the screen is a Butterflye widget.

News Feed:
Announcements, Updates, Changes, and More

Butterflye enhances your messaging by giving you a priority channel for all your news. Use it as a changelog, a news feed, or anything else your users shouldn't miss.

Display your news feed on your own site or app with our embedded widget. (Click "What's New" in the navbar to see ours.)

A woman is holding a mobile phone and has an open mouth and raised eyebrows. A speech bubble pointing to the phone says "Exciting news."
A man running up a series of three progressively taller bar charts, each labeled now, next, and upcoming respectively.

Product Roadmap:
Let your customers see (and vote on) upcoming features

When customers are informed and able to drive feature prioritization, you can build the highest value features first, improving your product and dominating the market.

Voice of the Customer:
Your digital suggestion box

Enhance your backlog with brilliant insights and ideas, all provided by the people paying for your product. Leverage the value they provide through their feature suggestions.

A woman is holding a large light bulb, and the man she is speaking with has a speech bubble with a thumbs-up in it.
Four people holding balloons, each with a face on it, some smiling, some frowning.

Actionable Feedback:
The key to creating great products

Giving your customers a voice helps you build better products, ship what sells, and win. Gather input on every announcement, roadmap objective, and idea. Build the products your customers want to buy.

AI Copilot:
Writers block? Let our AI do the heavy lifting!

Use Butterflye's copilot to save you time creating your next post.

A woman sitting on a futuristic chair resembling a lightbulb is working on a laptop and being aided by a floating robot. They are surrounded by various symbols including a planet, an Erlenmeyer flask, a rocket ship, mobile phone, and gears.

And there's more:

Essential Analytics

Your dashboard comes with figures and graphs built-in. Easily access the information you need to make the right decision quickly.

An illustration of a laptop displaying a web page. On the right third of the screen is a Butterflye widget.

Website Integration

The Butterflye widget allows you to natively display your feed on your website or application.

Private, Internal Feed

If you want to use Butterflye internally, you can. It's all the features you want with all the privacy you need.

Customized Settings

Rename your feed, set a custom icon and banner image. Make Butterflye your own.

Additional Channels

Utilize multiple channels to reach targeted audiences. Ask us about adding more feeds to your account.

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