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Butterflye's changelog empowers companies to seamlessly share updates, collect user feedback, and drive product improvement

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Sounds familiar?

"Sometimes you need to take action, sometimes it’s just informed we have 1000s of those types of request."

Digital Transformation Director

Large Pharma Retailer

"It happens all the time where somebody finds out about something and goes, “Why wasn’t I told about that”?"

Product Marketing Manager

Large Social Media Company

"Customers don’t know changes that are coming, unless they’ve spoken to their customer success manager."

Director of CSM


See how butterflye can help you and your customers

Butterflye helps you mitigate the risks of change through a simple process: capture, assess impact, collaborate, and communicate changes that matter to you and your customers.


Capture all the changes that matter in one easy to use tool

Impact Analysis

Receive immediate risk profile and analysis based on proposed changes


No more guess work, butterflye orchestrates the collaboration

Internal Communication

Communicate the changes that matter to your internal and external stakeholders via Feeds and News channels

Risk Mitigation

AI powered SWOT analysis provides valuable commentary relating to your change

External Communication

Communicate the changes that matter to your internal and external stakeholders via Feeds and News channels

Login with your work account. We support multiple services that support 1-click logins.

Filters and custom views. View everything or use filters to only get the most relevant information.

Multi-team groups. Collaborate across groups and departments with all stakeholders.

Workspace insights. Track, understand and forecast change trends.

Workspace activity. Review all relevant activity for your changes in one space.

Attach resources and documents. Easily attach your docs and links for your changes.

Many ways to use butterflye


Keep your internal and external customers proactively informed about changes to product, services or processes

Release Notes

Publish release notes directly to your internal feed and your public News channels


Proactive product communications using butterflye

Customer Feedback

Source valuable customer feedback on the changes that matter

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