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Communication is a universal need, and Butterflye can be tailored to fit your specific needs and workflow. Let us show you how.

SaaS and Software

In modern business, the pace of innovation is wild AF. Butterflye keeps up with your needs and provides your users with the information they need through our news feed and roadmaps.

Sign up for Butterflye today for a free trial, and reach out for a personal product walkthrough. We would love to help you get set up and help your business succeed.


Clients present a unique aspect to agency work. To accommodate that specific need, Butterflye recently introduced additional feeds. Now, our clients can add as many unique feeds as they require.

Each feed has a unique URL, can be password-protected, and comes with its own website integration for maximum versatility. For agencies that have individual client pages, the Butterflye integration will work in a client-specific way, providing a truly excellent experience.

See Pricing for more details.


Educational institutions and other organizations with many disparate entities (e.g. schools or departments). From early-childhood through university, Butterflye has a solution to keep your organization (and its organizations) communicating efficiently and ensuring the most important messages are never missed, either internally or by students and their caregivers.

Through multiple workspaces and fully customizable feeds, Butterflye is adaptable to any organizational structure and provides all the hands-on support you need to get set up quickly and efficiently.

Entrepreneur & Solopreneur

While smaller organizations may have simpler needs from a structural perspective, the velocity and agility of work cannot be matched. Butterflye can keep up and goes above and beyond to provide that white-glove experience that small and medium-sized businesses need to keep operations swift and efficient.


Butterflye understands that while non-profits have different organizational needs, business needs aren't all that different, and reliable partners are precious like gold.

Let us be your partner in helping you fulfill your mission with excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Butterflye is immensely customizable and solves a human problem as much as a business problem. If you don't see your organization in the above scenarios, reach out. We can help you better engage with your audience and improve your operations.

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