Full-Stack Developer


About Butterflye Solutions

At Butterflye Solutions, we envision a future where communication transcends boundaries, empowering organizations to foster unparalleled collaboration and innovation. As a trailblazing force in the realm of customer and employee engagement, we've curated a platform that bridges the gap between businesses and their valued stakeholders.

Our journey originated from a compelling realization in the heart of the technology world. Founded by James Martin, the former Head of Distinguished Architects at Zoom, Butterflye emerged to address the pivotal need for seamless communication amidst organizational growth. Having experienced the challenges of keeping customers informed and engaged, James envisioned a transformative solution.

Butterflye is not just a platform; it's a catalyst for change. We facilitate clear, real-time communication, ensuring businesses and their customers are always on the same page. Our secret sauce lies in crowd-sourcing customer sentiment and feedback before product launches, empowering organizations to build products that resonate with their audience.

As we continue to evolve, Butterflye Solutions is on a mission to redefine transparency, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. Join us in this journey to transform the way businesses connect, make informed decisions, and achieve unprecedented success. Be a part of something extraordinary – be a part of Butterflye Solutions.

About the Role

Technically a full-stack role, we are looking for a wizard with Vue3, Nhost, and Hasura. We are a SaaS startup sprinting towards greatness. You will be on a small team of brilliant, highly collaborative technologists who complement your excellent skillset.

The role is high-velocity but not high-stress. Your collaborators are cooperative, move forward in close alignment, and enjoy working together. We push each other to be our best.

You will have sole responsibility for the front end and will with with the CTO to guide architectural decisions with an emphasis on extensibility, maintainability, and observability. Your output will be client-focused with strong usability, an attractive interface, and engaging features.

About You

JavaScript (or TypeScript) frameworks and your love language, and Vue is one of your favorites. You have a strong grasp on everything from UX concepts and design language to GraphQL optimization. Our small team is dynamic and brilliant, and believes in mutually supporting one another to reach our collective goals. Your skills will be complemented by your team and vice versa.

Necessary Strengths

  • Brilliant in Vue3 (with Vite)
  • Nhost and Hasura experience
  • GraphQL tamer with a strong grasp on query structuring, optimization, and caching
  • Outstanding UX background and drive an excellent client experience
  • CSS wrangler who writes clear, intuitive, hierarchical selectors
  • Strong design skills with emphasis on layout, spacing, color, and interaction, across breakpoints and interfaces
  • Accessibility-minded to ensure a broad spectrum of users have an empowering and inclusive experience on our product
  • Performance-minded to ensure a hyper-fast user experience with minimal resource utilization
  • Security-minded with a zeal for locked-down systems, super-tight compliance, and industry-leading reliability
  • Reliability-minded with incident response experience and a mind for troubleshooting, observability, and ensuring top-notch client experience
  • Phenomenal communicator, with clarity, and succinctness, ensuring the entire team is always on the same page

Additional Ideal Strengths

  • Even more CSS experience, including a deep understanding of UI Kit and creating elegant, extensible classes
  • Even more back-end experience with an understanding of data architecture, indexing, and efficient querying
  • Knowledge of the deep accessibility lore, ensuring our product is 100% accessible to all users with any known disability that can currently be accommodated in SaaS products
  • DevOps clout with unassailable skill in cloud and server architecture, Terraform, Docker, and the whole nine
  • A product-minded approach to development, intuitive understanding and accommodation of product needs, and client-driven design
  • Existing early-stage startup experience

Why You Want This Role

If you meet all the requirements for the role, you’ll want to apply for several reasons.

  • Fully Remote
  • Exceptional team
  • Supportive environment
  • Awesome technology
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind product
  • Unlimited growth opportunity

Our exceptional team was assembled by James Martin, who originated the idea for the company. He and his co-founders work closely in sync, meeting the team with harmony, not contention. They are eager listeners who give every voice at the table equal weight. At Butterflye, you matter.

The supportive environment here can be felt in everything we do. We put warmth into the work we produce, our planning and brainstorming meetings, and the time we spend together. Cooperation, when done right, leads to better ideas and higher-velocity growth. At Butterflye, we take care of one another.

The company is still super young, and we are bringing our very best to it. Our first developer hire was in AI, and we will always push ourselves to stay at the bleeding edge of awesome technology. Bring your best ideas to the table, demonstrate how they meet our needs and goals, and the entire team will cheer you on. At Butterflye, there is always room for innovation.

As a young company, we are necessarily releasing a young product. We ship innovative features, show our clients a better way to communicate, and outflank our competition before they notice us. Butterflye is already improving the way business is conducted. At Butterflye, we create our own path.

You’ve heard “the sky is the limit,” but there is absolutely nothing preventing us from reaching space. We are in an absolutely massive market, and our segment of the business is wide open. We are going to continue to innovate, capture share, and grow. And as we capture a greater percentage of the available market, the available market will continue to grow as well. At Butterflye, there is no limit.

Apply Now

If you are interested in applying for this position, email careers@butterflye.io with your pitch. Be sure to put the job title in the email subject and include your resume and any other relevant links that you would like to share.