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July 21, 2023

Tony Macias

How I Went From Monday Morning Fire Fighter to Product Updates Co-founder

I used to work in Sales and Customer Success Operations, and I can tell you that there's nothing worse than a Monday morning fire drill from a customer escalation. You know the kind of thing.  You wake up, check your email and there are a dozen new messages from irate customers who are complaining about a recent product update.   The very same update that the product marketing team was boasting about.  You just pray that you can start fixing the issues before the same messages hit your boss or your boss’s boss inbox. You scramble to figure out what happened, fearing that Slack message or Zoom call coming from a customer (and maybe worse yet, your boss) is about to come.

I get it, innovation comes quick and product changes come even faster.  Software teams have world class engineers and product managers, ready to flex their innovation-might to stay one step ahead of their competitors.  But no matter how powerful and excellent our product teams were, how was I (the operations guy) supposed to know what was coming down the roadmap?  The complex release notes might as well be in a foreign language.  The product announcements got buried in a mess of company emails.  And those “cross functional” meetings just mentioned there was gonna be an “small” update.  I had no clue the impact it would have on our biggest and best customers, nor did I get a chance to provide feedback on how the change would impact initiatives I was working on.  

I had enough of those Monday morning fire drills, so I decided to do something about it. We started a company called Butterflye Solutions, which helps businesses better communicate product changes, build dynamic changelogs and give a voice to their customers.

One of the biggest problems I saw was that businesses often didn't have a clear process and plan for proactively communicating product changes to both their internal teams and their external customers. They would just send out a quick email or post a note on their website, and then hope for the best. But this often led to confusion and frustration for customers (and cross functional partners like me in my operations roles).

Butterflye Solutions is solving this problem by providing businesses with a comprehensive product change communication solution. Our software helps businesses to create and manage product change plans, track customer feedback, and measure the engagement of their product updates announcements.  Take the outputs of your development team’s change management software, input them into Butterflye, collaborate with internal stakeholders, and create a unique external facing space where customers can consume your messaging.  This allows customers to interact, provide feedback and reference past and future product changes. It's more than just a changelog, it's a platform to handle all your external communications and complete that customer feedback loop.  A more dynamic change communication platform means higher customer engagement, more trust, and full transparency.  

Butterflye offers a number of other services, such as training, consulting, and support. We want to help businesses of all sizes to improve their product change communication, so that they can avoid Monday morning fire drills and create a happier, more productive work life for everyone involved.

Our customers benefit by using Butterflye Solutions:

  • Improve customer satisfaction: When customers are informed about product changes, they are less likely to be confused or frustrated. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Increase productivity: When businesses have a clear process for communicating product changes, they can spend less time putting out fires and more time focusing on other tasks. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Reduce risk: When businesses communicate product changes effectively, they reduce the risk of customer churn. This is because customers are less likely to leave a business if they are kept informed about changes to the products or services they use.

  • Less iteration on Products: Businesses spend a lot of money on their product enhancements.  Develop time and dollars shrink when they have product feedback/sentiment before products are released.

I know the Monday morning fire drill will never go away.  My entire career all I’ve ever wanted to do is help those around me.  Make life a bit easier on others around me and see them succeed in their initiatives.  At Butterflye, as a co-founder, now I have the opportunity to actually help our customers.  Give your operations team, your customer success team, escalation team, and product/engineering teams a bit of help in an overwhelmingly positive way by checking out Butterflye solutions.  I know we can help.  Catch ya on the flye.

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