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July 28, 2023

Tony Macias

Don’t let your product team create a typhoon for your customers: The Butterfly Effect

Oh the butterfly effect. Sure, in true form definition a butterfly effect is the phenomenon wherebya minute change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Elsewhere - what a joy! No matter how excellent your internal teams are, the ramifications of their work is gonna be felt elsewhere.  Product iterations are complex, with so many moving parts and considerations.  One slight product change movement of a lever here can create a tidal wave of disruptions for your customers over there.  That butterfly effect.

As your week begins, (oh those beautiful Monday mornings),  you get ready with hope, positivity, and a leadership type mentality with a ‘go get ‘em’ attitude.  As you arrive to work and sit down at your desk…BOOM! The bomb explodes, the fire starts and the butterfly effect beings. The new product launch that happened over the weekend has everyone on edge and even more so, the customer feedback is horrendous! Though you’re not a fire engine, your red face might say otherwise. As you take a deep breath you begin to wonder…is there a helpful announcement software out there!? Why wasn’t there a product announcement!? Please. Send. Help. 

As the fire burns, product management is blowing up your phone, customer service is pinging your email while other departments are wondering what is going on!? The funny thing here is you had hope for a good day. The reality is that the majority of the days are spent ‘putting out fires’. But that’s your job right? It’s what you’ve been doing. It’s mentioned in your job description, well in a much sexier fashion, like ‘oversee product changelogs’ and this type of thing is just the way it is. But it doesn’t have to be!

There is a better way, and it's with Butterflye Solutions. Butterflye Solutions is an AI powered changelog communication platform that collaborates with teams and customers for changes within your company for seamless, effective outcomes.  It’s company news, release notes, product updates, product announcements, all in one dynamic changelog ready for customer feedback. 

Butterflye Solutions allows you to capture, yes much like with a net and a butterfly, the change within your company and you're able to actually monitor the impact that it will have: high, intermediate or low. From there you're able to bring in collaborators of your internal team and set launch dates, attach files and images and (more details). No more siloed product and engineering teams, using siloed tools to do their sprints.  The collaboration piece gets everyone on the same page, from the product management team, customer success, marketing and sales.  Know before your customers know and experience the product announcement. 

With this type of collaboration software, your internal team and key stakeholders are able to comment, thumbs up or thumbs down. You’re also able to incorporate certain internal groups, so everyone can be ‘in the know’! Having the entire company engaged and well adverse in knowing what’s going on is crucial to overall success.  Even if it doesn’t affect them directly, a trickle effect may happen where they wish they would have known. 

Once the captured change is to the point of success - this is where the butterfly breaks from the cocoon -  you're able to share that changelog, release notes or product update to your news feed! Yes, a news feed that is a public facing changelog that you're able to embed in your website, share on social media, or tag a link within an email.  The one stop shop for your customers to stay informed.

The beauty of this heartfelt tool is at one point or another, no matter the department, we’ve felt this burden of never ending chaos. Butterflye Solutions is here to hold your hand and take care of the entire product roadmap that you so desperately need. The heartstrings reach out even further in having your customers see the transparency and feel the trust of changes and updates that are happening within the company. This makes them not only appreciate you more, you’re actually onto maintaining RIO, and customer retention.

Imagine taking the time to care about your customers with product announcements vs lighting a match and tossing it on the fuel.  Butterflye Solutions allows for more empathy within the workplace. Software Engineers may never know what customer support is dealing with now they're able to hash things out through internal collaboration and communication to work through the issues before they are brought to the public. Your software engineers work really hard on these enhancements, so lets make sure their hard work is well received with two thumbs up from the customer. 

With Butterflye Solutions impact analysis, this really showcases where time management and time savings can be brought into your company. Do you really want someone spending two months on something that your customer is going to hate?  Do you want to spend one week on something and have your customers turn around and bash you for months on end? Putting out fires can very well be 35% of the work week, yikes! 

We understand better than anyone else the key desires for a dynamic collaborative product announcement software. Heck, we at Butterflye have experienced it first hand, hence why we’re here! Let us help eliminate those fires before they start. Take the matches away from your employees and implement Butterflye Solutions for a more positive effect.  The butterflye effect.

Until then, we’ll catch ya on the flye. 

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